Shell Capital Management, LLC is the investment manager of Asymmetry® Managed Portfolios.

Asymmetry® Managed Portfolios investment objective is a positive asymmetric return profile that fits within investor’s tolerance for risk and desired return over a full market cycle. An asymmetric return profile is a total return that exceeds its downside risk.

Asymmetry® Managed Portfolio is an unconstrained, flexible, adaptable, go-anywhere global tactical strategy without the limitations of a fixed benchmark.

Asymmetry® Managed Portfolio has an actual track record since April 2005.

Asymmetry® Managed Portfolio applies active risk management and directional trend systems to a global universe of exchange traded securities (like ETFs, etc.). A separately managed account is titled in the investors’ own name at an independent custodian. A separately managed account program offers transparency, liquidity, control, and the potential for tax management.

Asymmetry® Investment Program is a separately managed account available on several custodian and brokerage platforms through independent investment advisors to individuals, family offices, wealth managers, trusts, and institutions.

Asymmetry® Managed Portfolios