Firm Overview

Shell Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment manager founded by Mike Shell, President, and Chief Investment Officer, in 2004. Mike Shell has one of the longest and strongest track records applying unconstrained tactical decisions, active risk management, and directional trend systems to a global universe of markets through exchange-traded securities (ETFs, etc.).

“The exit, not the entry, always determines the outcome”.

– Mike Shell

Asymmetry® Investment Program may replace or complement conventional asset allocation and investment strategies. Shell Capital takes investment management to a new level by actively controlling risk and dynamically adapting to changing market conditions. Markets have profit potential, but because they don’t always go up, they require risk management. Shell Capital actively manages risk and applies directional trend systems intended to capture profits and avoid significant losses.

Asymmetry® Investment Program is available as Separately Managed Accounts through independent investment advisors to individuals, family offices, wealth managers, trusts, and institutions.