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Managed Portfolios

Asymmetry® | Managed Portfolios take asset management to the next level by actively managing risk and dynamically adapting to market trends.

The Asymmetry® investment objective is a positive asymmetric return profile that fits with an investor's risk tolerance and desired return over a full market cycle. Utilizing an unconstrained, flexible, adaptable, go-anywhere tactical strategy, Asymmetry® aims to thrive from potentially profitable price trends and survive with active risk management for drawdown control.

Asymmetry® Managed Portfolios are designed to help investors survive and thrive by compounding capital through risk-adjusted asymmetric investment returns.

In pursuit of asymmetric risk/reward, Asymmetry® applies risk management and directional trend systems to a global universe of liquid exchange-traded securities.

For clients with $1 million or more, Shell Capital offers Asymmetry® as separately managed accounts titled in the client's name at Goldman Sachs Custody Solutions. 

Asymmetry® | Managed Portfolios provide:

  • Transparency: online access to see the holdings and trades in real time. 

  • Liquidity: May be liquidated any business day. 

  • Control: Accounts owned by the client. 

  • Tax Management: Sell shares based on tax planning. 

  • Customization: Exclude securities by stock or an entire sector, country, or market. 

We actively manage your investment portfolio for you at Goldman Sachs, a leading investment bank.

Our advanced portfolio management systems, paired with the trade execution and safekeeping of Goldman Sachs Custody Solutions, allow us to custom tailor a managed portfolio to fit your objectives for asymmetric investment returns. 

Invest with us.