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Asymmetric Investment Returns

How to Think Critically  Thumbnail

How to Think Critically

Developing critical thinking skills involves adopting a structured approach to evaluating and analyzing information, arguments, and situations.

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What is Risk Mitigation?  Thumbnail

What is Risk Mitigation?

Risk mitigation refers to the process of identifying, assessing, and taking actions to minimize or control the potential negative impacts of risks on a project, organization, or an investment portfolio. Risks are uncertainties that have the potential to cause harm, a loss, disrupt operations, or negatively affect the achievement of objectives. Risk mitigation aims to reduce the probability of these risks occurring and/or minimize their potential consequences if they do occur.

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What is Convexity?  Thumbnail

What is Convexity?

An option has convexity because the relationship between the price of the underlying asset and the value of the option is not linear.

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